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Clients share their experience and comments

“When I first came, I was angry about everything. I felt underpaid, unappreciated, and didn't get along with my wife. Now, I don’t think that too many days go by where I don’t think about how much I have now. I feel grateful. Things don’t affect me like they used to. Our sessions have changed my life. I feel closer to my wife than ever."

“Bob has been a non-judgmental mirror to show me the unseen places that contribute to who I am. His kindness and knowledge of human nature go far beyond his resume.I have grown and found peace in areas of my life that I never thought would become orderly. Painful issues open to the light when there is trust in the healer. I am very glad I listened to the friend who suggested I, “just talk to Bob”!

“You have taught me to believe in myself. I am able to take a good look at myself and say, I’m not this bad person that I thought I was. With all my past issues in my
lifetime, I know that it's OK that I have felt the way I have felt for so many years. I find enjoyment.I look forward to coming here. I know if I am having a bad day, you don’t judge me and that’s a key issue with me, that you don’t do that. You have really helped me to believe in myself, that I won’t go into my so called cocoon when something is bothering me. I have learned with your help to not go there. I think more positive thoughts."

“I have got to tell you, last night my vision was blurred, so I took my blood pressure and it was 180/80 my pulse was 112. So, I tried what you said. I laid down and envisioned Tortolla, deep breathed and relaxed just for a few minutes. My blood pressure went down to 111/66 with a pulse of 88. So, I decided to stay there.”

"I have been seeing Bob for many years and credit him with saving my life. When I first started seeing Bob, I was so depressed that all I could think about was suicide, to the exclusion of all else. Thanks to his excellent therapy skills my depression and post traumatic stress is under control. I have my life back, and for that I am forever grateful."

"With Bob"s gentle guidance and compassion my life has been changed in so many ways. I first came to see Bob because the demands of my lifehad become overwhelming. It was the first and the hardest step I took that would change my lifeand myfuture for the better. The kindness Bob extended to me was the healing that I needed to listen to my own heart and to know the freedom of making my own choices once again. I feel like the young woman I once was when there was so much to hope for and to dream about. Life feels new and exciting again. Peace and joy are with me most days and when they are not I have learned to let go I bit and realize that things are never permanent.I know what it is to be truly grateful for my life. I see the goodness in life in those who love me and in the beauty of everyday living in the simplest forms. Bob has been a big part of those changes and I always will be grateful for his extraordinary gift of healing. I believe that I was devinely led to his door and I will always be greatful that he shared his gift with me."