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Trance is like the gentle falling snow. Quiet, natural, and peaceful, trance occurs regularly in daily life when we become absorbed in something and our attention is focused in a particular direction that engages our interest. Hypnosis utilizes the focused attention of trance to produce an accelerated learning state. Anyone can experience a trance state, which is often experienced as relaxing and pleasant. Therapist and client explore a learning goal for trance. The therapist provides a relationship of interest, curiosity, and presence. Clients are supported to discover their unique way of entering and maintaining a trance state. There is no right way only your way. Trance states encourage discovery, exploration, and freedom from conscious constraints that inhibit creativity. As the constraints of the conscious mind relax, we open ourselves to a deeper level of knowledge. The richness of unconscious processes becomes available for new learnings and internal resources become available, opening new potentials.

"As a client, trance allows me to safely enter into a voluntary state of awareness that I cannot otherwise achieve. It is a peaceful and healing state of mind that allows my body, often in pain and discomfort, to relax and rest while my mind embarks on a journey that I cannot reach in my conscious mind . My body feels light and disassociated from my mind. The constant state of hyper-alertness, that I can never seem to quiet, is replaced by a safe and warm lightness, at times feeling “out of body”. Upon awakening from a trance state, I feel calm and quiet, inside and out. Often, my mind has reached into the recesses of my brain and retrieved beautiful and vivid positive memories that I have not thought of in years. Trance with Bob is a therapeutic, beautiful and healing way of quieting my mind that allows me to achieve a calm, peaceful state of mind and body." - Katherine G.