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"Bob Salinger is an outstanding psychotherapist who combines professional skill with psychological understanding and sensititive attunement to his client's emotions.  He has an unusual capacity to help people solve life's problems."

Richard Erskine PhD
Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy
New York, New York

"I've known Bob for thirty years.  He is a richly seasoned therapist with an exquisite appreciation of and capacity for recognizing and facilitating people's unique ways of being in the world.  Bob has an unusual ability to provide support which he uses with authentic  appreciation to enable people  to confront the hard realities which they were not aware they were avoiding or didn't know they could face.  I would recommend Bob to anyone seriously interested in bettering their lives.  He will most definitely facilitate your journey."

Paul Lounsbury M.A.
Lounsbury--Winston Utilization Method
New York, New York 

"Susan, my wife and a licensed professional counselor, and I  have studied with Bob Salinger for the past seven years and had the opportunity to see him work and learn how he thinks. Because we see Bob as a compassionate therapist who helps the troubled navigate the sojourn through life, I can recommend his therapeutic talents to those who want to explore all the possibilities of a better, happier world. Should you be willing to take the opportunity to explore these possibilities, the results should surprise and delight you."

Robert N. Hunter Jr.
currently serving as;
Judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals

"I've known Bob Salinger for a half dozen years It's a privilege to witness his journey. He shows uncommon empathy, real insight and a quite generosity of spirit. I have witnessed him pursue difficult issues. He invariably brings those beautiful strengths to the table."

Charles L. Flynn
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Bronx, New York